The Golden Rule: Value

Gold, it is valuable and when something is valuable you tend to notice it and care of it. Anything Golden is considered important or special and that goes for rules and life.  And you need to know the Golden Rule.

What is the Golden Rule?

It is easy, selfless and anyone can and should follow and obey it. The Golden Rule is:

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Yes, the Golden rule is biblical. It is actually Matthew 7:12 and speaks of something important that we should all understand and want it. We all want the best in life, we all want others to treat us with respect, we all want to have happiness, we all want love and we all want peace. 

The Golden RuleThe Golden Rule suggests that whatever you want in life starts with you doing and even giving to others and this will reciprocate and reappear in your life. And it is true. Whatever you have received, love, laughter, misery, happiness have all been as a result of you “doing unto others”

One doesn’t necessarily have to go out of ones way to do to others.  It is not about going out and showing off with piles of cash and buying the happiness or even friendship of others. No, the Bible makes it fairly clear that boasting is about what you are doing for others is not cool.  Matthew 6:2 "So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honoured by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.” This is perhaps the silver rule that needs to go hand in hand with the Golden Rule.

Go about doing to others, being who you are or more importantly who you want to be or have others see you for naturally. The great investments you have made that have given a superb return are not what make you, the greatest temptation is to boast about our wealth and show who we are through material things. Doing this on purpose can be seen right through and yields few happy or true results.

Yes you can do more with wealth but is it the Gold and money that makes you who you are? The truly wealthy man will answer with a loud “No”. The wealthy man knows the Golden rule. He does unto others as he would have done to him. He talks abundance and happiness into the lives of those he loves.  Sure he may buy the odd item or pay for something as a deed of kindness but he understands it is the act of giving and where it came from, his heart not his wallet that matters most and this will be rewarded time and time again.

We all know rich people, they are the ones who drive the flashy car, live in the big house but when it comes to sharing they struggle or they tend to warn everyone to be careful or they keep reminding you how much this cost and that is worth. He is worried about the money and concerned about his riches. A man like this does not understand the Golden rule, the truly wealthy man does and he is happy to share his good fortune with those he cares about because he is not showing off but rather doing his best to add something to their lives, it is called sharing.

The Golden Rule is a biblical teaching that has yielded higher returns at higher interest rates than any investment known to mankind. The Golden Rule when applied with the salvation of Jesus Christ delivers returns that are eternal.

Step back and think about what you want others to do for you and then make the change you need to make.

Matthew 7:12 should and must define you.


Matt Newnham is a Christian, Writer and Speaker. He is a single father and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Matt is passionate about life and success and his ability to touch the heart of readers has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA and on his Facebook Page

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