About Us

Noble Mint GoldGold. For thousands of years, gold has been considered to be something that is treasured, something special and something of value. Gold, by its very nature, represents quality, strength, longevity and security. Gold is the pinnacle of wealth for anyone.

Noble Mint LLC recognizes the value of gold and understands that it is out of reach for many people today. For this reason, Noble Mint LLC custom manufactures smaller amounts of gold into fractional gold bullion and other unique products making acquiring gold easy and affordable for anyone.

Our competitive pricing coupled with secure online ordering makes buying gold bullion and fine gold bars from us safe and affordable. Added to this is the reliable and efficient delivery of all our gold and other precious metal products direct to the customer making Noble Mint LLC the most trustworthy solution for anyone looking to collect and hold gold and other precious metals.

Holding gold and precious metals is a well-known and highly effective tactic to protect you and your family by having additional means to barter for other goods and services. It is also a fantastic addition to your portfolio as gold is considered to be the world’s first currency. This precious metal will help you hedge against fluctuations in the dollar keeping you safe in uncertain economic times.

Unlike other gold prospects, the Noble Mint LLC owns its entire inventory carried. That, within itself, is pretty outstanding and scarce in this industry. Meaning, whatever you are shopping for on our website, you can immediately purchase and it will be delivered to you in just a few days. We never keep our customers waiting and we will not hold our customer’s gold in a trust. We believe the only way to truly own gold is to hold and possess it yourself. The way we see it is if you can’t feel it, see it, or touch it, it simply doesn’t exist. Customers come first and their satisfaction is extremely important to us. This is why at Noble Mint, we make it our priority to live and work by The Golden Rule.

For all your fractional gold bullion needs and to begin collecting gold and other precious metals, Noble Mint LLC cannot be overlooked. It’s easy, it is a “one-stop shop”. Stop by and buy a little gold today.